August 31, 2011

Classroom Visitation Program Announced

A classroom visitation program has been developed by CITLS and is now available for faculty to use.  Any faculty member can request a classroom visitor by contacting Alan Childs, CITLS Director.  The initial list of topics for which visitors have volunteered is posted below.  We hope that this list will expand as word of the program spreads.  This program is strictly formative and for the personal benefit of the faculty member requesting the visit.  No report of this visit will ever be made to anyone.  Once a faculty member requests a visitor, the Director will contact the volunteer and then arrange for contact with the requesting faculty member.  Those two individuals then arrange the visit.  If you would like a classroom visitor on a topic not listed, please contact Alan Childs and he will recruit one for you.

We are still looking for faculty and staff willing to serve as classroom visitors.  If you are interested in being a classroom visitor on any of the topics listed below, or on another topic of your interest, please contact Alan Childs.

Classroom Visitation Topics

Large Class Lecture

Large Class Discussion

Small Class Lecture

Small Class Discussion

Using PowerPoint or other classroom presentation software

Laboratory Organization and Activities

Small Group Work

Problem-based Learning (PBL)

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