August 31, 2011

Video Camera Now Available for Check-out

The Center has purchased a Cannon FS31 camcorder and a tripod for use by faculty to record a class session or a practice lecture.  This camcorder employs a user-provided SD card for memory, or you can download the video directly to your Mac or PC from the cameras smaller internal memory. Either way, you will own the video of your presentation.  This camcorder is for “one time” use only so it cannot normally be checked out for a longer period of time.  Typically, the camcorder will be checked out for one class session on one day.  If you have questions, or would like to come to the center to “play with the camcorder”, or would like to check out this camera to use in recording a class session, please contact Alan Childs or Simona Glaus for an appointment.

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