April 16, 2014

Final Economics Seminar of the Semester – Lauren Calimeris-Kocman from St. John Fisher College

Friday, April 18, 2014


Simon 124

With increasing pressures to improve student learning outcomes via innovative teaching techniques and with advances in technology enabling instructors to become more innovative, many instructors are choosing to “flip” their classroom.  This means the activities that traditionally take place in the classroom, such as lecture, are experienced outside of the classroom, and activities that traditionally take place outside of the classroom, such as problem solving, take place inside the classroom.  While there are anecdotal stories of the effectiveness of flipping, thus far there are few quantitative studies analyzing the efficacy of flipping on student outcomes.  This study presents experimental evidence of the effectiveness of flipping an introductory principles of microeconomics course.  Model results show that students who experienced the flipped teaching method scored significantly higher on midterm and final exams than did the comparison group.

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