Individual Consultations 

Confidential consultations on any aspect of teaching are offered by CITLS staff.

Low-Stakes, Confidential Classroom Observations

Any faculty member can leverage the expertise of CITLS staff to observe their classes for general feedback, when trying out a particular teaching strategy, or just to have another eye. Our classroom observations are formative and not evaluative in nature, as well as confidential. CITLS staff members are also trained to use various published observational protocols that can provide a wealth of information on teaching practices. We can also videotape your classes and support you in self-reflecting on your own teaching. Please contact CITLS ( for more information or to request a classroom observation from a CITLS staff member. 

Confidential Review of Course Evaluations

CITLS offers personalized, confidential reviews of course evaluations to support your teaching efforts. During a consultation, we will model how we would conduct a thematic analysis to extract useful information, and how we would modify instruction as appropriate. Then, we will support you in carrying out the same process on your course evaluations. Working through these steps will help you identify which areas students perceived to go particularly well in your course and any areas of growth. Please contact CITLS ( for more information or to request a consult.

Please note: “CITLS is not involved in PTR-related evaluations of teaching. All feedback is for formative usage only, not evaluative, and is expected to be used for those intended purposes. If you have pedagogical questions related to promotion and tenure, please consult the proper contacts at Lafayette. If you have any questions about CITLS’ role, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to supporting your teaching efforts.”

Student-Faculty Pedagogical Partnership

Student-faculty pedagogical partnerships are an opportunity to work collaboratively with a student, with the goal of evoking intentional reflection and continued evolution of teaching practices.  Students, with their unique perspectives and differences, offer vital insight and valuable feedback regarding the classroom experience. For this reason, student-faculty pedagogical partnerships continue to be highly effective at advancing teaching efforts.

Building on the success of the Inclusive Instructors Academy partnership model, a CITLS student fellow will be available to work with faculty members outside of the Academy.

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