The ACM member colleges collaborated in summer 2020 to offer a series of ACM Online Course Design and Pedagogies Workshops. Addressing concerns and uncertainty about how faculty and students would engage each other in fall 2020, the workshop series offered guidance and best practices on the concepts, skills, and techniques needed for ACM faculty to redesign and reimagine residential face-to-face course content for the online environment in ways appropriate to the liberal arts context.

Because the ACM would like to make the content of these workshops available to the broader higher education community, they are  pleased to share the recordings of the eight summer sessions HERE. Among the 800 ACM faculty and staff who participated across 2,300 session registrations, the workshop series was very well received. Evaluative feedback reveals that 97% of the participants were either “very satisfied” (53%) or “satisfied” (44%) with the online course design content.

Please feel free to share the news of these sessions and the associated session recordings with the Deans, faculty, and other teaching and learning staff on your campuses as you think appropriate.