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CITLS’ Inclusive Instructors Academy has seen great success in employing individual student–faculty/staff partnerships to develop and foster more inclusive classrooms.  Now, CITLS will be applying this approach to an entire department!  A small group from Lafayette’s Economics department has agreed to participate in this pilot program to increase inclusivity across all of their courses and enact individual changes with the goal of widespread progress. Their work will begin this summer to identify issues and concerns, set goals, and develop specific plans. In the Fall, they will implement select tools, behaviors, and approaches with the help of Dr. Tracie Addy and CITLS’ student fellows.  Where this program differs from the traditional Inclusive Instructors Academy is that, upon reflecting on the efficacy of their efforts, this small team will report their findings to the rest of their department with the hope that the changes they’ve identified will be adopted as best practices for all faculty and courses across the department.