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After a busy academic year the CITLS team is looking forward to a summer full of fun, vacations, personal and professional development, and of course, lots of preparation for the 2022-2023 academic year. In between family trips and time with loved ones, Tracie is taking time to attend and present at various conferences like the Teaching Professor Conference and the Association of College and University Educations (ACUE) Leadership Summit.  Tracie is also working on writing projects; along with a former CITLS student fellow, Maria Salmeron Melendez, she authored the article Connections in Unexpected Places: Learner-Oriented Mindsets in Staff-Student Partnerships, which is slated to appear in the Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change.  

Chenoa plans to take advantage of the long weekends this summer to visit with friends and family as well as plan for her wedding and honeymoon this fall.  During the week, she is participating in Crucial Conversations, an LVAIC sponsored course aimed at training individuals on turning difficult conversations into opportunities for productive dialogue.  She is also continuing to join in on 1st Year Orientation activities and getting to know her new colleagues here at Lafayette. 

Together, Chenoa and Tracie are tackling their largest task this summer: preparing for CITLS’ 2022-2023 programming.  New faculty orientation and the new faculty learning community are among their top priorities. They’re also meeting with the CITLS SoTL Scholar and the Inclusive Instructors Academy for Departments and Programs Pilot team to get a head start on projects and initiatives for this fall.  Another exciting personal and professional development endeavor that the CITLS team will be undertaking this summer is a book read on The Art of GatheringCITLS plans to host a plethora of gatherings throughout the upcoming academic year and look forward to curating intentional and uniquely engaging events.