Thank a Professor or Staff Member Initiative. You've Be Thanked! CITLS logo

Faculty and staff members at Lafayette College continually transform students’ lives. Whether they provide an encouraging word, act as teachers, mentors, or sponsors who connect students to opportunities, our campus is full of difference makers.

For the past two years the Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship has run the Thank A Professor or Staff Member Program where students have the opportunity to formally recognize any Lafayette professor or staff member who has made a positive impact on their lives. In the last two years of the program students thanked over 80 members of our community. See their names below. 

CITLS is grateful for all that everyone does to make this college a special place for our learners. Thank you!

Fall 2022 Honorees

Chris Anderson
Serena Ashmore
Ester Barias-Wolf
Rasheda Beamon
Thomas Bolt
David Brandes
Zachary Brandner
Alana Danois
James Dearworth
Michael Dougherty
John Drummond
Teara Easterday
Meg Fernandes
Trent Gaugler
Rachel Goshgarian
Katherine Groo
Wendy Hill
Justin Hines
Eric Ho
Lisa Karam
Christa Kelleher
Jennifer Kelly
Stephen Kurtz
Jeffrey Liebner
Qin Lu
Mark Mancuso
Jim Muscatell
Julia Nicodemus
Mary Ellen Nunes
Kathleen Parrish
Rebekah Pite
Rohan Prabhu
Monica Salas Landa
Ida Sinkevic
Andy Smith
Amy VanAsselt
Joy Zhou

Fall 2021 Honorees

Rochelle Crozier
Nara Almeida
Melissa Ash
Mikael Awake
Christian  Lopez Bencosme
Mike Butler
Jessica Carr
Ashley Uknown
Sidney Donnell
Stephanie Douglas
Evan Fisher
Jodie Frey
Thea Fronsman-Cecil
Ingrid Furniss
Cindy Guinn
Karen Haduck
Brett Hendrickson
Justin Hines
Naoko Ikegami
Rebecca Kissane
Alana Klass
Kira Lawrence
Thomas Lee
Caroline Lee
Allison Lewis
Chun Liew
Mauricio Gomez Lopez
Abbey Mann
Dave Mante
Owen McLeod
Arielle Mensch
Joshua Miller
Rebecca Miller
Khadijah Mitchell
Bruce Murphy
Thalia Newman
Catherine Novello
Michael O’Neill
Jennie Pinho
Tobias Rossman
Nathan Schmidt
John Shaw
Andrew Smith
Jonathan Steffens
Sue Stetler
Larry Stockton
Katie Storey
David Sunderlin
Brooks Thomas
Suzanne Westfall
Joy Zhou