During the 2022 – 23 academic year, Professor Eric Hupe, Art, has served as the CITLS Distinguished Teaching Fellow. As a fellow he is supporting the adoption of immersive technologies in classrooms across disciplines at Lafayette. In addition, Professor Hupe is actively publishing scholarship on teaching with virtual reality and presenting at scholarly venues. He recently co-authored the article, The Virtual Renaissance: Adopting Virtual Reality to Transform How Art History is Taught with student researcher Caitlyn Carr. He also co-facilitated a workshop at the International Conference for the Renaissance Society in March. We thank Professor Eric Hupe for his ground-breaking work on virtual reality in art history and his willingness to explore the usage of such technologies across disciplines at Lafayette. Read more about Professor Hupe’s Fellowship year and all of the great work he is doing to bring immersive technologies to Lafayette.

Professor Eric Hupe demonstrating virtual reality equipment