Inclusive Instructors Academy Fall 2023; Deadline to apply: Friday, May 5th

As instructors, mentors, advisers, and educators in other capacities who interact with diverse students (e.g. coaches, support staff), there are a variety of principles and practices that can make you even more effective in your work. Sign up to participate in the Fall 2023 Inclusive Instructors Academy to be part of a community of educators focused on building more equitable environments for our Lafayette students.All participants will receive a copy of the Stylus Publishing bestseller What Inclusive Instructors Do: Principles and Practices for Excellence in College Teaching and obtain feedback from a student partner during the semester. Those teaching will have the opportunity to see their inclusive teaching approaches visualized through the Protocol for Advancing Inclusive Teaching Efforts (PAITE), co-developed with Lafayette students.

Fall participants will also gain insights through current research being conducted for the forthcoming book tentatively titled, Are You an Inclusive Instructor? Reflecting on What Students Say and Practical Approaches for Advancing Equity.

Past participants are welcome to reapply.

Sample Testimonials

Such a wonderful program! Again, the help of a peer partner was amazing.

Students’ perceptions of my interest in and support of them (as expressed in course evaluations) have continued to grow [after participating in the Inclusive Instructors Academy].

The student partnership was essential. My student partner provided helpful insight on student perceptions of diversity in course content and allowed for greater and more open communication between the students and the instructor.

It was very helpful to read teaching articles within a group. I learned a lot from both the articles and from my peers. I have implemented some of the advice in the articles, such as writing notes of encouragement on graded assignments, starting a project assignment with a meditation exercise for mental health, and using methods to make sure students have equal opportunities to engage in class conversations and question asking.