Each year, CITLS collaborates with students on a variety of initiatives. Student Fellows are the backbone of the Student Pedagogical Partnership Program and an integral part of the Inclusive Instructors Academy.  Students serve on our advisory committee, share their perspectives, and include us in their own initiatives for campus-wide change. Outside of their work with CITLS, they are scholars and student athletes.  They are highly involved in organizations like Student Government, Lafayette Activities Forum, and the International Student Association.  Additionally, they are engaging in research by becoming EXCEL scholars and preparing for careers through study abroad and internship/externship experiences, as well as completing senior theses. Given this high level of achievement, it comes as no surprise that many of CITLS’ Student Fellows, Advisory Committee Members, Alumni, and Affiliates have been nominated to receive prestigious awards this Spring.


We would like to congratulate all of our students who have been nominated and awarded! CITLS is honored to have been a part of their journeys thus far and we look forward to seeing all that they achieve in the future.