Blue silhouette with the text "Informational Guide: Generative Artificial Intelligence" below

This summer a Provost-appointed working group gathered to familiarize “themselves with the rapidly growing conversations about LLMs (large language models) and to propose the appropriate structures that the College should employ in the upcoming academic year to help the College respond and evolve appropriately.”

As an output of their efforts, the working group developed a generative AI guidebook for faculty and staff members to use as a resource in the year ahead. This guidebook is a living document that might be updated as new information is received.

The resource provides:

  • The group’s overall process and perspectives on generative AI;

  • Guidance for obtaining basic literacy in generative AI;

  • Recommendations for holding conversations with students in courses and within departments or programs;

  • Guidance on course policies that faculty members can incorporate depending on their individual pedagogical preferences;

  • Ideas on the potential usage of generative AI as a tool for teaching, learning, research, and administrative work for those who choose to use it; and

  • Recommended future steps for relevant College structures given the conclusion of the summer working group’s activities.

The working group also recognizes the uncertainty of the generative AI landscape and how such guidance might change in the future. They acknowledge that their work is a starting point for the College as we enter the new academic year.

All are also welcome to watch the recording of the August 9th session facilitated by the working group.