On Wednesday, October 18, 2023 an inaugural Teaching & Learning Colloquium took place at DeSales University Center for instructors and staff members within the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC). Lafayette’s Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (CITLS) led the planning team, which was also composed of colleagues from both DeSales University and LVAIC. The goals of the event were to increase the visibility of teaching and learning excellence across the consortium, share and learn new instructional approaches, as well as network across institutions. 

2023 LVAIC Teaching & Learning Colloquium Presenters standing with a sign for the event.

Several members of the planning team.

People networking outside of a conference room.

Attendees network in between sessions.

Approximately 60 individuals from the six LVAIC institutions attended the event. The day commenced with presentations surrounding generative artificial intelligence, followed by two initial concurrent sessions. Participants next engaged in a networking poster session over lunch. The day concluded with two final concurrent sessions. Presenters focused on topics such as generative artificial intelligence, alternative grading approaches, and teaching in STEM and clinical disciplines. Their presentations were in the form of research talks, works in progress, as well as posters.

Lafayette faculty & staff who attended the 2023 LVAIC Teaching & Learning Colloquium.

Lafayette College was well represented at the Colloquium. Presenters included: 

  • Tracie Addy, Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, & Scholarship, “Students’ Perspectives & Usage of Generative Artificial Intelligence”
  • Michael Bertucci, Chemistry, “The Institute for Future PUI Faculty (IFPF): A Case Study on the Motivations and Perceptions of the First Cohort”
  • Bianca Falbo, English, First-Year Seminar Program, “In Transition: First-Year Students on Learning to Write for College”
  • Heidi Hendrickson, Chemistry, “Utilizing Student-Generated Mathematica Demonstrations in General Chemistry Courses” (with student researcher Vedit Venkatesh); “Quantum Chess as a Method to Introduce Quantum Superposition in General Chemistry”
  • Tingting Kang, English for Academic Purposes Center, “Teaching Rhetorical Situation Using ChatGPT in an Academic Writing Class” 
  • Elaine Reynolds, Biology/Neuroscience, “Considerations in Creating Generative AI assignments in a Biology Critical Analysis and Writing Course”
  • Leena Shevade, formerly of Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Evaluating Effectiveness of Course Based Research Projects in Sustainability on Improving Knowledge of Sustainability and Research Self Efficacy in Non-STEM”
  • AJ Sona, Chemistry, “Anxiety, Empathy, and How They Affect Our Teaching”

Attendees enthusiastically responded to the event, and it exemplified the LVAIC motto, “making strong colleges stronger through collaboration.”