Faculty posing with signs that say "I've been Thanked"

A group of Lafayette Faculty & Staff recognized in the 2022 Thank a Professor or Staff Member campaign.

With the fall semester coming to a close, students are invited to show care by submitting a note of appreciation to a professor or staff member who has had a positive impact on their experience at Lafayette.  After finals, CITLS will share the notes with those recognized, along with certificates acknowledging their positive impact on Lafayette and our students.  Last year, over 35 faculty and staff members were recognized and CITLS sent more than 40 notes and certificates.  This year, we again look forward to seeing all of the kind things our students have to say and delivering notes that can make a faculty or staff member’s day!

Students can learn more about the Thank a Professor or Staff Member Initiative and submit their notes here.  All Lafayette community members are encouraged to visit the Care in the Academy page to see how other groups on campus are showing care.