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For the past two years the Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship has run the Thank A Professor or Staff Member Program where students have the opportunity to formally recognize any Lafayette professor or staff member who has made a positive impact on their lives. CITLS continued the tradition this fall 2023 and in true Pard fashion Lafayette students responded enthusiastically, thanking 50 members of our community! See their names below. 

Thank you for all that you do to make Lafayette a special place for our learners!


Fall 2023 Honorees

Amy Badillo
Ester Barias-Wolf
Lauren Biernacki
William Bissell
David Brandes
Linn Carbaugh
Christine Cohen
Benjamin Cohen
Dana Cuomo
Mauricio Gomez Lopez
Rachel Goshgarian
Henry Hallock
Susan Hannan
Heidi Hendrickson
Alex Hendrickson
Maria Hernandez
Gladstone Hutchinson
Larissa Kelleher
Michael Kelly
John Kincaid
Rebecca Kissane
Caroline Lee
Missy Lemons
Allison Lewis
Abbey Mann
Sarah Moschenross
Julia Nicodemus
Beth Norman
Mary Ellen Nunes
Kevin O’Connor
Rui jie Peng
Camille Qualtere
Monica Salas Landa
Ute Schumacher
John Shaw
Andrea Smith
Tamara Stawicki
Sue Stetler
Carlos Tavares
Daniel Turek
David Veshosky
Andrew Vinchur
Angelika Von Wahl
Robert Wickham
Wendy Wilson-Fall
Joseph Woo
Joy Zhou
Louis Zulli