Individual Peer Tutoring is readily available for most 100/200 level courses and can be arranged by request for all 100/200 level courses in which a tutor is not readily available. The Academic Resource Hub also offers peer tutoring for some 300/400 level courses in collaboration with the course professor. In order to request a tutor please review the instructions found here. Please email the Academic Resource Hub with any questions or to discuss tutoring support for your course(s).

Supplemental Instruction 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a student-led, collaborative learning opportunity available for many academically demanding courses. Supplemental Instruction is designed to assist students in integrating WHAT to learn with HOW to learn. For this reason, SI is the preferred support option for courses in which it is offered. Individual Peer Tutoring is also available, but limited for courses in which SI is the primary method of enrichment. The SI schedule for courses is available on the Hub’s website.

Mentored Study Groups

Mentored Study Groups (MSGs) are available for specific courses in which regular, group support is necessary, but is not appropriate for inclusion in the Supplemental Instruction program. MSGs have been used successfully in the math, engineering, chemistry, and economics departments. The MSG model is focused on enhancing student understanding of challenging concepts and instilling confidence with complex material. MSGs are facilitated by upper-class students who work closely with course professors to ensure Mentored Study Group leaders are well prepared to explain complex course topics. The MSG schedule for your courses is available on the website.

Drop-In Labs

Drop-in Labs are offered as either a component of the Supplemental Instruction Program or as a stand-alone support resource for certain courses. Drop-in Labs are staffed by SI Leaders and advanced peer tutors who have been trained to assist students on a one to one and many to one basis. They are intentionally scheduled throughout the week and Students may drop in when they have questions about the material or if they require a brief review of an important concept. Tutoring Staff work with students primarily on a one to one, first-come, first-serve basis, but may deviate from this model when necessary to address all questions posed during a particular session. The Drop-In schedule may also be found on the Hub’s website here.

Contact: The Academic Resource Hub


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