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Interested in integrating social justice issues in your course? This Moodle module includes literature-based frameworks and tools for social justice course design as well as sample syllabi, assignments, assessment recommendations, classroom management considerations, and reflection questions to consider in each section. After working through the module, participants submit a 1-page summary reflection that responds to the questions that are embedded throughout to further their course design efforts. The anticipated completion time is between 3 – 5 hours total, but may vary. The module is designed to be flexible and completed at any point in time, and does not need to be completed in one sitting. The module will be available in early June 2021, and all who register will be notified when they are enrolled. Participants will receive a certificate for completing the module for their teaching files.

Those completing the module are also welcome to register to attend The Assignment Design Experience in July 2021 to further their assignment design efforts for social justice, and participate in the virtual assignment charrette on the last day to obtain feedback on their assignments.

All faculty members as always are welcome to contact citls@lafayette.edu to further discuss integrating social justice issues into their courses while working through the module.