Where can I obtain the keys to my office?

Please be in touch with your department or program administrative support person. They will need to place a formal request with Facilities for your keys. Once that request has been processed and your keys are ready, you will be contacted by Facilities regarding pick-up at Facilities Operations at 901 Bushkill Drive.

Where can I park on campus?

The two larger parking decks on the main campus are Markle and Leopard (Sullivan). There are other parking lots on campus as well. You will need to register your vehicle and obtain a parking pass from Public Safety and they will assign you to a parking lot for the academic year.

How do I obtain a campus ID?

Please follow the steps on the ID Office website to obtain your ID.  This process is completed online, via a mobile app on your smartphone. Once complete, the ID Office will contact you directly to schedule a time for pickup at the ID office, located in the College Store (as of August 3, 2023). For questions or assistance with this process, contact idoffice@lafayette.edu.

Where can I eat on campus?

Please check out the Lafayette Dining Services Site for campus dining options. Included is a faculty and staff dining hall in the Clay Ketchum Room that is open during the semester. Meal plans are also available for faculty. Please note that most dining options typically are not open until near the start of the semester however there are eateries on Cattell and McCartney Streets.

How do I connect to the campus WiFi?

View the ITS webpage on how to connect to the network.

How can I stay aware of campus alerts?

Please sign up for Lafayette College Leopard Alerts to receive emergency notifications.

How can I obtain access to the gym for my family members?

Please visit the Recreation Services website and select “Buy a Facility Pass.” There are packages that can be purchased for part-time employees as well as immediate family members.

Can immediate family members obtain access to the library?

Yes. Spouses/partners and children aged 16 years and older can borrow books for up to one academic year. Visit the Skillman Library Circulation desk to obtain library cards and feel free to view the library FAQs.

Is there an on-campus childcare facility?

Yes. Bright Horizons operates the Lafayette College Early Learning Center and the college provides support to the center to provide discounted rates to employees.