FALL 2020

To support your success this fall, please complete the self-assessment below and review the resources and recommended actions at the bottom of the web page as relevant. Please also refer to the general academic resources available to you as a Lafayette student.

If you answer “No” for questions 1 – 5 please refer to the relevant resources and actions at the bottom of the web page. 

Technology Access

1. I will have a reliable desktop computer or laptop that I can use for coursework in the location where I am taking my Fall courses.

2. I will have access to reliable WiFI in the location where I am taking my Fall courses.


3. I will take classes on campus this fall as opposed to a remote location.

4. The time zone where I will be taking classes is the same as that of Lafayette. 

5. I will have a dedicated work space where I can engage in live class sessions and complete class activities if needed.  

 If you answer “Yes” for questions 6 – 12 below, please refer to the relevant resources and actions at the bottom of the webpage. 

Co-curricular Activities

6. I play on one or more varsity athletics teams at Lafayette. 

7. I am involved in other co-curricular activities (e.g. community engagement, student clubs, etc.). 

Additional Information 

8. At my remote location I will have family-related obligations that may compete with the time I can dedicate to my courses.  

9. I work during the semester while taking classes. 

10. I am a first-generation college student, meaning that I am the first in my family to obtain a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year institution. 

11. I have specific learning needs for which I will need to arrange support.

12. I will not be capable of purchasing all of the materials needed for my courses (e.g. textbooks) without financial hardship. 


General Resources to Support Your Academic Success at Lafayette

Please refer to the general resources that can promote your academic success at Lafayette in addition to the support provided by your professors. In the event that you will be taking your courses remotely this Fall, please review the following web page: Student Resource for Remote Learning and Collaboration. There is also a comprehensive resource that was developed in collaboration with other Lafayette students that will be useful for you to review called Tips for Students Learning Remotely. 

Technology Accessibility

If you do not have access to computers and/or WiFI where you are taking your Fall courses, contact ITS through the Help Desk ( ITS will make laptops and WiFI hotspots available to those who need them. You can complete the submit a help ticket for any technology needs. 

Location Challenges

If you experience challenges with time zone differences for synchronous class sessions or have other obligations that may impact your learning in the course at your remote location, please be sure to contact your professors to make them aware and co-develop plans to support your success. If you lack a dedicated study space in your remote location, review the resource Tips for Students Learning Remotely, specifically the section “Preparing for Learning,” to consider possible solutions.  

Time Management with Co-Curricular Activities

If you participate in several co-curricular obligations, refer to the section on “Time Management” in the resource Tips for Students Learning Remotely to review strategies for maintaining balance

Support for First-Generation Students

If you are a first-generation college student there are several resources available to you through the Office of Advising and Co-curricular Programs. These include a Mentoring Program, Faculty and Administrator Directory and online stories of first-generation members of the Lafayette community.

Specific Learning Needs

If you have specific learning needs, please be in contact with the Office of Accessibility Services. They will work with you and your professors to ensure that any learning accommodations are met.

Financial Hardship

If you have difficulty purchasing course materials please contact your professors to inquire whether there are reduced cost alternatives. Please be aware that other Lafayette students have done this in the past. You can also contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine if there are any options for adjusting your award.

Wishing you a great start to the fall semester!