Inclusion by Design: Tool Helps Faculty Examine Their Teaching Practices

A tool “rooted in theory and research on inclusion, multicultural education, universal design, implicit/unconscious bias, and the hidden curriculum.”

Gender Balance Assessment Tool 

Automates “the process of evaluating the (probabilistic) gender of each name and then providing an estimate of what percentage of the authors on a syllabus are women,” to assess “how gender-balanced their bibliographies and syllabi really are.” 

Revolutionizing My Syllabus: The Process

An instructor’s personal process in decolonizing the syllabus. 

Anti-Racist Educator Questionnaire and Rubric 

“[A] tool for educators to use in reflecting on their own pedagogical assumptions, biases, backgrounds, preconceived notions, and how this is intertwined with their racist, classist, sexist, and ablest pedagogical views as well.”


“Using an integrative framework and highlighting the focus areas of relationship, community, and process, the SJSDT offers a systematic approach to course redesign by which instructors can assess their classroom environment and course content. A syllabus that signals belongingness, growth mindset, communal goals, clear and positive expectations, and success orientation assists in setting a welcoming tone that leads to greater student achievement and engagement.”

Who’s in class? form

“The Who’s in Class? Form, developed in collaboration with students, faculty and staff members, helps instructors foster an inclusive learning environment early on and throughout a course by increasing their awareness of the diverse assets that their students bring to the classroom. “