Virtual realityFacilitator

Christian López, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, affiliated with Mechanical Engineering 


This community of practice aims to bring together faculty from all the departments and programs that are interested in implementing Virtual and/or Augmented Reality technologies (VR/AR) into their classrooms and/or research agenda. VR/AR have become emerging technologies with great potential to improve students’ engagement since it facilitates immersive and experiential learning. This community will meet to discuss and share ideas and experiences to advance the use of VR/AR for pedagogical and research purposes at Lafayette College and beyond (e.g., LVAIC). 


  • Discuss learning activities that will benefit from integrating VR/AR. 
  • Share experiences on the use of VR/AR in the classroom (e.g., lessons learned).
  • Discuss state-of-the-art research and technologies related to VR/AR.
  • Test new VR/AR applications for pedagogical implementation.
  • Collaborate in the creation of scholarship of teaching and learning project proposals for grant funding.
  • Develop pedagogical models for the implementation of VR/AR in educational environments.

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